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Buyer Requests and offers


Hello, ive been having a look at recent buyer requests tab and cant understand why so many people are using it to promote themselves, but the funny part is that they are getting offers from that? is this true that you can get work by doing these things?


No way fiverr will suspend your account if your trying to promote yourself in buyer request section, it happen since buyer request started. i suggest your to promote your gigs in social media


Great Thanks, and can you give me any tips on improving my gig, ive got 2 orders with customers extremely happy with my work but not getting regular orders


If you are new you have to wait for it try to post and promote your gigs every day and create gigs attractive to buyers.


Yes, ive noticed the more unique the gig is the better, can you help me out with tags and SEO titles? whats the best course of action for them?



Now Fiverr is going to shift the focus from titles to TAGS. So, concentrate on tags and photos that you provide. I experimented and found that single or double word tags are best. Don’t clutter the tags section with lots of words.

I hope that you will get tons of orders.

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Thanks for your kind wishes, but one thing i want to ask that. should my images file name have tags name? secondly how can we know tags of the best similar gigs, that way traffic can be maximized


You can include some tags in Fiverr Images as well. This may increase the
chance of getting your gig in results .

To find the best tags , Use :-

Common sense : what is topic and what can be the tags.

Fiverr search bar : Type your service in search and then see the results
that automatically come. These can be the best tags.

Thanks !