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Buyer requests - anyone successful?

Hi all!

I have been following the “Buyer Requests” tab on Fiverr for a while, and I have sent COUNTLESS offers.

Has anyone actually had success in scoring a gig from Buyer Requests? I’m starting to feel like it’s all spam! I haven’t even received replies to offers or anything.

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Yes, a few really good ones even.

Yes, I have a good number of orders coming from BR. I generally only send BR when I’m free and there is no work to do.
Lately I prefer strolling around the forum instead of the BR section though.

Yes. I didn’t send a single buyers request in my first month on this website because I was getting by with orders from people directly, and there weren’t any relevant results to the area my gig was in, anyway.

However, I was worried I was going to be left without work, and a request came up that I thought I’d be able to complete came up, so I decided to bid on it. I’m in talks with them now and it looks like it’ll go ahead!

Some fields are more competitive than others, though, and it would, I imagine, depend upon the reviews you already have. Don’t give up; I’m sure something will come along that will suit you, and the buyer, just fine shortly!


Yes, I have been extremely successful in gaining orders from the Buyer Request section. You have to realize that in BR, you are COMPETING for the job. You don’t deserve any jobs or responses from buyers, you EARN them by presenting well-written offers that provide the service that the buyer needs to solve their problems.

Most new sellers fail miserably in BR, because they don’t look at it as competition – they merely expect that orders will come their way just because they want them. But that’s not how competition works. If you want to be successful in the BR section, assume that everyone else applying for a buyer’s job is better than you are. Then, find a way to be better than those others that are better than you.

If you don’t present yourself as the the best available seller, with the right skills, the most well-written offer, the best service-appropriate price, and the most helpful buyer solution, then you’re just not going to win the job.

Stop expecting responses, and start earning them. :wink:


I have used Buyer Requests when my work slows down. I never offer on those that want the world for $5. I only make offers on those that provide a reasonable amount of pay for the work for which they are looking. I have even made an offer higher than the buyer’s stated budget, and even so, I have received the bid. I have done this by doing what @jonbaas promotes in this paragraph. :face_with_monocle:


i cant see buyers requests can anyone help?

General info about BR:

Also, you only see BR if your feedback rating is over 4.5 or 90%.


thank you so much

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Major part of my buyers are from BR so yes it helps me alot. :slight_smile:
You just have to keep trying you will get work!