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\'Buyer requests\' are a joke!

Whenever I go to view the ‘buyer requests’ it is about 60% people trying to sell their services, which makes the site looks like it is poorly run.

Another thing that annoys me about that section is I have had 2 buyer requests rejected, yet people SELLING things on there get accepted.

Personally? I think it’s in need fo a major overhaul. Or at least some updating and reworking.

However, it does work. 80% of my sales come from Buyer Requests, and most of my repeat customers are customers who enjoyed working with me after the initial post and come back to re-hire me. So it is effective.

I don’t get the anger with the misuse of buyer requests… I don’t really see many - maybe 1-2 everyday or so. Even if it were more, it’s not like buyers can see them, so they aren’t gaining any kind of advantage selling.

I get that some people might be frustrated, but is it really that big of an issue? Sure it’s spam, but hasn’t spam always existed? And why are so many people creating threads about it? What is so anger-inducing that I’m missing? They spam - no one really pays attention.

A lot of sellers are experiencing dry spells in getting orders from buyers so they turn to Buyers Request. Coming across more sellers than buyers looking for services to be done, it can become a major pain in the derrière.

I’m not upset that i’m not getting any sales, but the sentiment is the same. I’m mostly annoyed that 2 of my offers were declined when they were legitimate.

Yeah I’m over it now, esp since we have the option to remove the spam, in all honesty ppl continually complaining about it in the forum is starting to get more annoying, LOL.