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Buyer Requests are coming but no order

Hi friends, hope you are doing well !
I am new arrival and getting Buyer Requests regularly. Utilizing full opportunity, but after offer sent nothing in return :anguished:
I am offering with very crisp sentence in short about me and how I will deliver.
But why I don’t see any offer coming in my way.
I agree, it take times for new arrivals. But how long ?? Already 52 offer sent !

Need some expert guidance.

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If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above there are several helpful posts on how to write an effective reply to a buyer request.


Hi,when I started on fiverr last year.i had send out near about 300 BR without gotten a single order through it.but still I have just completed my 250th orders on be patient having faith in yourself.u will get orders but it take some time.


Read the buyer request carefully before submit your offer.
First, You have to submit your quote regarding your skills .
Second, Don’t write there about yourself .
Third, Tell him how you do his job
Fourth, You do not want to tell him anything extra i mean you don’t write unnecessary things which is not related to request .
Fifth, Write what will be included in your work?
Sixth, Write everything in a very small range.

Hope those process will be help you to getting order .
Be patient Success will come.

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Hi,keep posting request it will take time but you will get order soon

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keep sending them, keep improving does not matter.

I have marketting background and what happening with you is normal. just keep sending them.

I send 45 and two order

keep sending them

Edit – It is not expert advice as i am new created my gigs one months ago.
you have to post some example of your work, should look real. i find only in one gig you added some extra images and i don’t think they are work example. People who are looking for data entry knows how the finish product look like, so it does not matter that other people understand or not, your target audience should be able to understand what you are offering.
In the gallery when you create or edit your gig, you are allowed to add two extra images and two extra pdf file, use them to show case your work.
you are new keep working hard

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Thanks @ocean7media, I have confidence now :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh! that’s great tips.
I have noted and will prepare accordingly.
Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope so, thanks a lot… will wait.

Noted and good advice. I will ensure finished products to highlight.

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I got my first responds at 25 buyer request…

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