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Buyer Requests are no more helpful, How?


Everyone have got the right to contradict, but buyer requests are no more helpful, because Most of the seller are trying to sell their services through Buyer Requests.

Fiverr should take charge of it, and they should only post the requests where there’s actually an order, or when someone really wants some work done.

I feel frustrated when I see out of 10, there are 8 sellers who are using this platform.
Please leave your review if you have any.


This is a problem. I agree.


fonthaunt @ anything planned by fiverr yet to tackle this issue?


I don’t know. I’m a forum admin, not a Fiverr staff member. I know they are aware of the problem since it’s been posted here before and I’ve seen staff responding that there is work being done on it. That’s about all I can tell you. I just thought I’d toss in a supportive comment since I think it is a problem that has been around for too long. Hopefully they are close to a solution.


I guess there’s an automated review system, they should hire more people and it should be based on person, human system.

Otherwise there can be “Grammer Check” or use AI (artificial Intelligence)