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Buyer requests are not showing to me at buyer request section


Hello everyone!
I’m new at Fiverr. Can anyone guide me why buyer requests are not showing to me? I have created my gig. Still, I can’t see any buyer request there
My gig is about Data Entry:


I have the same problem! Can someone address this issue please??


Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018


I think you need to contact with customer service. They can help you, outher wise ther is nothing you can do.


if you are selecting more subcategories during creating your gigs , there is a good chance to get more buyer requests than usual.


Fiverr will not show all the buyers requests to new profiles when you will complete one or two orders and get rated you will be able to see most of the buyer requests in BR section.
When you are new to fiverr just create value for money GIG and have some patience. If your gig is good you will get your first order in a week or so.
One you become level 1 seller you should be able to see all the buyer requests in given niche.



I honestly don’t think there is any need for contacting CS just because you are seeing less/no buyer requests. Unless there is a real bug in your account (which is probably not the case), CS will not be able to help you in any way. All they will do is send you a canned response saying they had looked into the issue and rectified it for you.

As mentioned in the forum thread that lloydsolutions has attached, there can be several reasons for certain sellers being able to see only a small number of BRs or in some cases, no BRs at all.

The numbers of BRs that you see is also dependant on there being buyers posting buyer requests. If there are not many buyers creating new BRs, you are obviously not going to be seeing any new BRs.


buyer requests View multiple times a day