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Buyer requests are ony for buyers , not for sellers!


I am now talking about buyer requests. When i open it to find buyer i can’t do that. Why ? Because every sellers who didn’t have any orders are placing requests. I didn’t have any order yet but i don’t do that. The fiverr team does not reject all of the requestions which are : I am a profesional designer i will make profesional … . What do you think about this ? Down is one example for that.


I know what you mean, I started looking then got confused if it was for buying or selling on there. I just left.


i wander why you blurred the profile images but kept the user names…


It certainly isn’t what it used to be back in the day. I used to be able to find potential buyers but a vast majority of the posts are sellers that write as if they’re looking to buy something when they are actually advertising.

Maybe that’s why they came up with another Buyers Request for leveled sellers so they don’t have to put with the confusion.