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Buyer Requests are still non-existant

All right, I heard Buyer Requests was a great new way to get reviews and can really help you get a good reputation, so I went into the BR panel, nothing.

Also, yes I have read that post about BR’s, nothing helped me so don’t just link me that.

So first I thought I wasn’t getting any BR’s cause I was new to this platform, but then I see that there are new people on Fiverr, saying they still get some

Then I thought, maybe there just was none cause no one made any in that sub-category, so I created a new gig in a more popular one, waited 2 days, nothing.

Also, when I go into the BR panel, I have “All Subcategory’s” selected, so that would mean I would get Buyer Requests for EVERY sub-category in the category Graphics and Design. Still absolutely nothing.
There’s probably a simple explanation but nothing seems to work. I’m gonna try contacting the support team or something now so wish me good luck.

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This is literally the third time today I have seen this complaint.

You only get access to a few BRs until you reach a level.

Please look things up before asking. People asking this question here several times a day and it’s very annoying and unnecessary.


That’s because nothing can work. The buyer request feature is designed so that unlevelled sellers see far fewer requests than levelled sellers.

Some new sellers are given the opportunity to apply to quite a few requests, but then that gets taken away from them, and they too end up on the forum wondering where all of the requests went.


There isn’t just one post about BR’s, there are several regarding this issue. New sellers, as it had been said before, can’t see a lot of requests from buyers. If there is any, it will disappear very quickly for new sellers. They also appear at random hours (at least for me, if you read enough posts about BR you’ll see there are people who said that at certain hours they are able to make bids). And yes, it can happen that you won’t see any for a couple of days, or even more, but I guess that is just luck.


All right, I’m just gonna give up on this.
But I still don’t know if new people on Fiverr, can or can not see BR’s. As people just have completely different explanations basically. Some new people say they get BR’s all the time, some people say they get only a few BR’s, some people say you just don’t see them at all, so yeah I think the reason people keep on asking and asking about BR’s is because no one has provided a really solid answer, and even those who do, there’s always gonna be someone saying that it’s completely different for them leaving the question vague and un-answerable especially for new people to Fiverr.
Which basically means you’ll never stop seeing these posts.

I’ve been looking this up for a while now, and I still haven’t got a solid answer cause every one seems to provide a different answer.

Being a no-level seller, you will only ever see a few offers at a time and as soon as there are 10ish offers sent (by other sellers) they disappear for you.
You have one gig in one category therefore you will only see buyer requests posted to that particular category. Try expanding what you offer and checking for BRs on the hour. It’s pretty easy to do with the app.


Good idea, this is the first response I’ve seen about BR’s that isn’t either complaining about how many BR posts there are here or just giving me a vague answer, thanks.

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