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Buyer Requests are too vague

A lot of the time buyers submit requests but they contain 1/10th of the info needed for me to give a quote, but I can’t message them without putting in a quote? How can I ask them for more information before offering a quote?



You can’t. The BR system is set up so buyers can ask for work, and sellers respond with a quote. Post a fair quote based upon what the buyer does write, and then encourage them to send you a message if they need to discuss a more specific project.


As an example someone posted a request for an affiliate link being added to their website, I don’t know what framework their website uses (or even language), I can assume PHP but there is lots of php frameworks available. Further, do they want a stats page for affiliates, some kind of bonus? should the user be able to see their affiliate link performance? There is so much to this request, it could be a 5 second job, it could be a 50 hour job. I could create a whole website based around an affiliate system and its analytics.

If I bid low and they accept, I can’t change. If I bid high until I have more information I will get ignored?


Follow up: Are you allowed to exchange emails with potential buyers? I feel like that would be a good way to facilitate communication.

And the worst part is once you send a quote you can’t withdraw it, as you would with a regular custom order.

If the request is too vague as in they didn’t bother to specify the bare minimum, I’ll just skip it.

But if it’s a legit request but we just don’t have enough information to send a quote, and in those cases I’ll decide on a case by case basis whether or not I’mm apply.

If I do however I’ll write an offer that includes all the possible caveats we may find and what exactly is my offer, so for example:

If “this” and “that” then my quote is $X and turnaround time of Y but in the chance of “this other thing” or “that other thing” we may incur in extra charges.

If you wish to get a more precise quote then message with those answers and I’ll be able to give you a more accurate quote.

Not the most professional or streamlined, but I find that once I show them I might have considered aspects that other sellers didn’t, they may message me for more info.

If they just accept my quote without messaging me first, then because I have outlined exactly what I would do if some conditions were met I have enough to send order extras without being misleading or perceived as a bait and switch.

That has never happened with me though. In my experience they’ll just ignore your request and go with someone that is more straightforward (I’ll do your request for $X) or they will message you.

And for me that’s a win-win as I don’t want to have to do extra work or cancel an order because I didn’t considered a scenario.

That’s a big no no. I highly suggest you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service as this will get your account banned.


Read the ToS.

Also, think of it this way: why would Fiverr allow you to do something that would make it dead easy for you to take the business off of Fiverr?

@chrisbpb A cagey buyer is a difficult buyer. You don’t want them. Trust me.