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Buyer requests be like


I’ve seen some doozies before, but that one for sure makes top ten. :roll_eyes:

Oh it’s not real, just a sarcasm I hope it’s funny at least :smiley:

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Although it’s sarcasm, it’s not too far away from being the truth.


I wonder if the offers are sarcasm too? :thinking:


Or they try to exploit new sellers by asking them to work for pennies and saying “This is a GREAT opportunity for someone who is getting started in the writing community and needs experience/reviews/work” with the (often unfulfilled) promise of higher pay in the future/consistent work/tips. Smh.


Actually people still think that in $5 you can do anything in this platform, but this has been changed dramatically.


Why is he offering so much $$ for this small task of work? :no_mouth:

Oh you got it :joy: congrats

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Not far from the truth BTW, and I’m curious why there’s a rise in this type of requests lately :thinking:

Although I have worked for great buyers through BR, but for now I’m staying off the BR section for a while, I got my first bad review, and cancelled a couple of jobs in a row.