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Buyer requests bug

Hello, first forum here so sorry if it’s bad!
I wanted to report this bug I’ve had for a month or so
On the page of the buyer requests, I have this number but none shows, at first it was written only one… then two… then three, and now four.
Does anybody else have that bug?
Is there a fix?
Buyer requests


Here showing three

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It is showing 5 for me

I am too lazy to type this again today.


That is fiverr bug. Not your only problem


You’re from Bangladesh, right? I thought this bug had regional issue. But today I got this post and checked mine and found out solved.


don’t get worried.It’s not seller’s issue…Its fiverr issue.They will solve it ASAP

I’m from France

Alright ! Thanks for the informations !

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It has been going on for over 2.5 years I do not think it is a priority for Fiverr. :wink:

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just log out and log in than solve your problem .

Same here, I’ve had the problem with the bug for 2 months, I’ve lost hope it’ll get fixed, I’m from Venezuela and seeing that we are all from different parts of the world I can say it isn’t because of the region.

It happens in the case where the buyer removed the request but didn’t get properly updated on Fiverr’s database and/or Fiverr removed the request because maybe it didn’t follow the TOS. It also happens to me sometimes.

It happens because the changes in the database are not properly executed.

Just ignore it and keep doing your work :slight_smile:

Yes Im from BD :slight_smile:


I am facing also same problem. :unamused: :unamused:

So do I. Good to know you :slight_smile:

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I don’t think that will solve it out unless fiverr solve the bug, i was logged on my laptop then i switched to my desktop which i rarely use on fiverr and i am having the same problem. the problem is also on the app

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Short answer: you can’t.
Long answer: read all the posts in the thread. This is a 3-year old bug, and not on Fiverr’s priority fix list.

You are replying to an old thread. Just an FYI, the mods don’t like seeing old threads pop up in recent activity.