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Buyer Requests Button Changed to Send Quotes

Hello all,

Fiverr is making new changes daily to their site, So, I got a question in mind, Who’s real developer behind these changes? If there is a team, then what skills are required to apply for there, I know i am talking diving in to hives but it’s necessary.

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That’s weird - on my end it still shows “Buyer Requests” :thinking:


Opps! Sorry to hear your problem. I am too confused what’s the wrong with? Updating can be good for a site but such types of weird update make us really worried! :expressionless:

I hope, all the Fiverr stuff will realize our concern about these peculiar changes one face every day! I am also seeing “Buyer Requests” on my end.

Minthal Ahmed Masum

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@Woofy31 & @minahmmas
do you know what skills are necessary to apply for job, I mean being a Developer for Fiverr end side.

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I don’t. :joy: @Woofy31 may know.

I would think the best place to start is the Fiverr jobs listing:


I got ‘Send Quotes’ as well now, the link leads to the usual BR page though. Maybe it´s a try to make the sellers who post 'BR’s understand that that´s not the idea.


See this job linked to from offlinehelpers post:

That lists various skills like “knowledge of HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, jQuery, OOP Javascript” and
"familiarity with back-end technologies like Ruby on Rails and Node.".

Though the job requires you to work in Tel Aviv.


Let us see if the desperate sellers, clean up their act, posting in BR. :dromedary_camel:


It still shows “buyer requests” here :smiley: I guess that would explain the intermittent pin/unpin?

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