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Buyer Requests: buyer asks to provide some references

Hi, I am new member, still learning how it works on Fiverr.
I create WordPress sites.
I couldn’t find out how to provide some references buyer ask?
I’m sure the customer sees the jobs we do, and maybe he means some special references, other than the ones he sees on our gig profile?
Can I submit screen shots of websites I’ve done?
I ask for your experience on such a customer question.


This is the buyer requests option - here you see requests from people, who doesn’t have time to make a research and spend a lot of time looking for a freelancer, talking to a lot of people and so on. So here sellers simply send price offers and a short description of what they are able to do. And later the buyer will choose one of sellers. Or not=)


Thank you for paying attention to my question. Of course, we don’t have time to study everything, so there is a forum to ask. I agree with you.

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No, no - I am not about Forum- I tried to explain that option, a place, where buyer explained his requirements =) It’s a Buter request section, it works this way how I explained

I understand, thank you.

I’m a buyer. I just assume he wants to see the kind of designs you do, so yes, you should be able to submit some screenshots.


You can show your past works that will attract your buyer and The buyer will get confidence in working with you.


Right. Screenshots may be one of them. Actually, in my opinion, each seller should have a portfolio and it will be best to prove himself to the buyer.