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Buyer Requests - Buyer Name hidden [ARCHIVED]

Hi fellow sellers,

Recently I have noticed that the buyer requests sections has some new improvements.
One of them is that ow the buyer’s name is hidden.

The problem I have now is the fallowing: I send out an offer to a request with a message. Two days later that buyer replies to my message but I have no idea who he/she is, what I told him, what offer (value) I’ve sent him and so on.

Before I used to just search trough the “offers send” section and see all the details.

Can you bring back this feature of as hiding the user’s name does not bring any privacy to the buyer as us sellers.

** As an example today I got a message from a user I never had conversed with before who is asking me to develop on the idea I presented to him. As he could be anyone of the 604 custom offers I’ve sent there is no way of knowing. This makes me look 100% unprofessional now that I seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about. **

**Another example is that recently I had a customer accept a custom offer that was 1 month old. When accepting these offers, buyers do not need to go trough the gig questions I have set up and they assume I know all the details from the requests. The problem is that I don’t know which request the order is in reference to. **

What do you guys think?

I already and encourage you guys to do the same in the hopes that we might get this feature back!

Thank you,

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“I already MESSAGED SUPPORT and encourage you guys to do the same in the hopes that we might get this feature back!”

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I have also noticed that, I want to see buyer’s profile before biding because I want to check he/she is a positive guy for deal and which country he/she belong so I will imagine that when he/she able to deal according to his/her time zone.

@congruentgraph! You are right. I guess CS should bring back that feature because this new changing is causing difficulties

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Ran into similar problem a day ago. Only thing that helped me was the image which was just a ‘J’ but there were two with the same letter. Fortunately I made a note of the offers sent and was able to determine who they were.

This is time consuming, the writing stuff down bit, but it would be simpler if the names were visible again.

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facing same problem.i request them to bring it back as soon please

I can only hope they will bring it back too.

In my experience, I can’t remember a time where a website made an update and the reverted back to the old version.

What I’m sure though is that if enough people complain they might take it into consideration so if you have 5 minutes just send support a ticket.

topaz_muse, you are 100% right! but what if the buyer responds to a 10 day old offer? time in which you’ve sent 7 offers to “J”.

What confuses me 100% is that this is not protecting the privacy of the buyers as even before you where not allowed to message them if they did not message you first.

I am having the same problem , can anyone help please?

i found its solution. In the updated version of fiverr android mobile app. , there is a section of "sent offer " in “buyer request” section. Buyers names are visible there

The mobile app still does show all the info, you are correct.

I would imagine the buyer’s username has been hidden because they may have received a lot of spam outside of the offers (so seller’s don’t hit their daily limit).

My suggestion would be to keep the buyer’s username hidden but if they send you a message as an extension of your offer, have the offer show in that message, a bit like gig’s do now (on the right):

The thing I find challenging is that after I send out an offer there is no way for me to trace it back to a specific username.

I respect the privacy of buyers but as far as I know outside of the 10 daily offers there is no way for a seller to contact a new buyer even if they know their username.

They way the system is setup, allowing interactions between buyers and seller to be based on an initial response or engagement of a buyer is perfect.

To recap, the thing that I would love to see in a next update is the ability to see the username of all the people I’ve ordered in the past.

Attached is the list I’m reffering to

The uploaded image does not show up. Here is an image example of the list and confusion I’m referring to: . Once I pres the “send offer” button there is no way (exept the profile image or letter) to tell who it is and when they message me back I’m in the dark.

Same experience to me, buyer’s all information are hidden.

Same experience here too!!!

Okay I haven’t use buyer request as a buyer recently, so now if a seller respond to a buyer request, it’s like a custom offer and the buyer can just click accept to start the order?

So if the request is something like "I want to make a website " and a seller respond with “please look at my gig” with a $5, it’ll be a $5 custom offer?

@kjblynx It doesn’t matter. to hide the username. When you clicked on the “Send offer” button it will show the buyer name. And anyone can type “[buyer-name]” and they can inbox you even your name is not visible in buyer request page.

Now think from the seller point of view. This is a big problem. As they have hide the username and date both. Now if I am bidding on any request then I don’t know the request is from which date. And the same problems occurs for all sellers here as described by @congruentgraph.


If they need to make buyer’s privacy than hiding their name is not a solution. They might think something better which works for both buyers and sellers. But not this one at all.

yes. Responding to a request implies sending an offer.

Yes this is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem