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Buyer Requests - Buyer Name hidden [ARCHIVED]

This is a good thing actually, because it helps the buyers to increase the trust at fiverr and this means more work to us. Obviously it might be a problem not seeing the buyer details if you are sending inconsistent offers, but this doesn’t have to be a problem if you treat all the buyers in the same way.
Just remember to offer your best price at your offer and prepare the buyer that he/she has to give you more details in private.

Everything happens for a good reason here. :slight_smile:

i requested a gig that i need 100 posting in adds with urls backlinks from pakistan classified why the was rejected?can any one help

I’ve had this dilemma, but instead of trying to look up the buyer, back track my gig offers and such I simply explain the issue to my buyer, apologize for not knowing what they are responding to, and ask them to paste my message into the conversation. Most are perfectly understanding and any that aren’t I figure I don’t want to work for anyway as my gigs take time and a fair bit of back and forth.

I think CS should bring back that feature


We are web developers and we have few local clients who wants SEO work.

We want to place order of SEO work for our local clients.

Which information do you require for our website SEO work?

Iconicseo support team

@congruentgraph … i m also facing same problem !!