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Buyer Requests Cancellation After I deliver Promptly Because They’ve Found a Free Service. What do I do?

I’ve been receiving a troublesome orders recently. Previously the buyer had submitted large texts for translation where my gig is only for proofreading. This time another buyer orders a design gig, I do it all and deliver the work, they reject it with this message:

“This guys just sells stuff that you get for free over here: … . WTF, this is an absolute scam”.

I write back to her explaining politely that I use paid fonts and software and do not use those free sites to deliver work and I also do not force anyone to buy my gigs. I also explain to her that what I’ve delivered is different from what she can get on that site.
She rejects this again:

The gig is only a $5 one with three revisions (I know, it’s my bad to offer 3 revisions for a basic gig), but I have done all the work and delivered it promptly and for the $4 that I will get, I’m getting this much hassle. If I cancel this, my Fiverr rank is going to be impacted, if I don’t, she will write a negative review.

What shall I do? The hassle of delivering work is much more than what I’d earn.


This sounds exactly like a buyer I had a while ago. They received their delivery. Then they asked for a revision. Then they suddenly started sending me links to other sellers offering similar gigs proced much lower than mine. (The quality was not comparable.)

Do not say anything other than:


I’m sorry but I do not offer refunds on completed orders. Your work has been delivered as requested. The delivered product is also of a higher quality than the sources you are sending me links to. I have been advised to immediately forward details of this order to Fiver for review. If you like, you can contact Fiverr customer service to voice any complaint which you might have."

Do not respond to any further messages after that. Reject any requests to cancel this order. Then simply get on with your life. These people are scammers and energy vampires. Do yourself a favor and just ignore them.


I would love to see the two examples she sent you. If you don’t show the name of the buyer you could post them. Then I could make a decision about this. If you don’t want a bad review then probably you should cancel although I usually don’t recommend this.

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Just saying…would it be possible to drop the name of the buyer… It just might be of help… Just saying though… :roll_eyes:

That is against forum rules.


Cancellation is best in the options you have now, buyer can collect her money back through CS or chargeback if you do not cancel at your end.

In any case, you will lose the funds, time, ranking.

How is this a fair system then? Shouldn’t there be some better way of measuring sellers’ efficienCy or peotect their rights? All this hassle for a $4 that’s going to be refunded and canceled eventually with decrease in stats? :frowning:

I have lost $600 due to this system, also I was 2nd level seller but now I am at 0 level. Tried every thing but never got a sincere reply from them.

I went with this one. It’s a very well-composed message. Thanks a lot for it. Let’s see what she’ll return.

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I can share this if Fiverr Customer Service requires it, but I see no point in doing such, because: a. I have used paid software and the file size I’m delivering to her is almost 70MB, where the online one gives you no larger than a 5~6MB JPG, and b. even if I was using the online service, I have budgeted my time to work on it and do the job and deliver it to her, all for $5!!!

Sure! I knew that… :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Here we go again. Rejected for another revision with this message:

You’re an absolute scammer.

Shall I submit the file again?

Yes. And report your buyer for being abusive.

How can I report her? I couldn’t find the option.

Hi @tauris

Just go to her profile, there you’ll see the “report” button. After pressing on it, a new window will pop up with options for you to choose.

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Report them (option in order page)
Don’t suffer fools gladly

I didn’t notice the report option in the order page :flushed:

If so, I don’t know if it’s the same as the report button shown in the buyer’s profile.

I think it is, If the order was active it just inputs the order number#

Ok, thanks, good to know :wink:

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They will not do anything , but thats your proof if you have the energy to fight Pay-Pal