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Buyer Requests -Cannot choose my gig thats relevent


I am offering a social media management gig however when I type social media into the requests box I cannot select that gig when responding to buyer requests.

How do I change this? Its highly targeted but just not an option when I try to respond


I’m confused. The only choices when making an offer to a request is to select a Gig by clicking on it from a list (if there is a list) and to write a short note to the Buyer. Where are you typing in "social media"

You have 2 Gigs categorized as Virtual Assistant. You will only be able to select from those 2 if someone requests a Gig from the Virtual Assistant category. Otherwise, if you are seeing requests from your other categories you will only be able to choose from those other Gigs.

It’s all about matching Gig categories with Request categories.