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Buyer requests - Children Books

Hello there!
So, I was curious… I’m occasionally checking out Buyer’s requests and every time I check there’s always at least one person who is looking for an artist to do a Children book illustrations. Is this something so common, so popular now? It feels like there is a whole new “movement” of creating books for children.

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I’ve noticed that too.

There is a market, but not (from what I’ve seen) for actual hand-crafted pages. Unfortunately, the budgets tend to imply either new Buyers or ReSellers.

Have you read this blog/article on proper book illustration and pricing? It’s a fantastic read with plenty of good things to think about. (And a general idea of what’s needed in a proper brief from a client.)


Yes you thinking right about all

I haven’t until you’ve mentioned it. An interesting article. It doesn’t really makes a discovery of America 2.0 but it has plenty of interesting points and somewhat helps to realize the actual ‘scope’ of the work in a more detailed preview. Thanks!

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Children’s illustration, after anime/furry commissions, is probably the one with the highest demand, both due to it being the field where you’re most likely to get asked illustrations in but also because way too many people try their shot at starting a career from kids’ books. It’s also the one that pays the best on average, even more than the aforementioned.

It’s also annoyingly, insultingly easy to fake with clipart. (I’ve done some competition research in this before. Some are very easy to spot when the art-style of one character doesn’t match another.)