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Buyer requests disappear after applying


Please help… when I apply for buyer requests and then refresh the page,sent buyer requests disappeared. thats mean buyer remove that request?

thanks in advance

Yes it happens some time. That mean buyer remove that request.

Actually, I don’t know. Because I did not face this problems.

Hello mariyach,

For sellers with no level, the BRs that appear for them get automatically removed by Fiverr once that particular BR receives a certain number of offers from other new sellers/sellers with no level (I think it is 10? Not entirely sure about the number though). More often than not, it is not the buyer who is removing the request.

So, once you see a couple of BRs, DO NOT refresh the page until you are done sending the offers to all the BRs you wanna respond to. Because if a BR reaches that limit of 10* applications received from sellers with no level, it WILL get removed automatically.



it removes after sending.

It will always available in - Sent offers section


What is this what you want to explain here?

The buyer removes the request or maybe the buyer has responded to another sellers proposal

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Thanks for the clarification. Came here because I just accidentally closed my browser and it was gone. I was in the middle of a proposal.