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Buyer Requests disappeared again!

Hi All!

I don’t really see anything on buyer request at all.

Today i woke up and in video editing were so many! So i got excited and turned on my pc applied on 4. Life is good.
But after i refreshed the page all of them disappeared.
Oh my god why will the buyer request disappear?

Still have the ones i applied for.
Thank you for your time!


Did you recently get demoted from a Level 1 seller to a no level seller? No-level sellers usually don’t see many buyer requests. When you are promoted (or promoted back to) a Level 1 seller, you should see plenty of BRs that you can respond to.

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I read somewhere on fiverr forum that no-level sellers don’t see buyer request that have already more than 10 offers. Simply don’t refresh the page when you have buyer requests, you will be able to send offer even if there are hundreds already.