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Buyer Requests disappeared


Hi everyone!

I` been off the site for a while because my buyer requests feed was always empty.
A few days ago i decided to come back and i re-activated my GIGS.
Then when checked the buyer requests i see a list of 5-6 requests which fit my profile and i applied to 2 of them.
After browsing and making some changes on my GIGS i re-entered the buyer requests and the list is empty although my sent offers were there.
I want to add that the requests were all dated after i already reactivated my account. There were not old or expired.

Do my GIGS require approval after the changes or are there some technical issues as i already seen before on this topic?


Ok i think i finally understand. They probably disappear once the offer limits its reached or something. I see that if i check the link every hour or so, there are new requests appearing