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Buyer Requests: Do They Still Work?

Hi everyone,
I’m a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr, and I’ve NEVER received a single order as a result of my proposals on Buyer Requests. I’ve sent over 100 offers, and still NOTHING. Aside from the annoying spammers who post their gigs on the BR section, how exactly is a serious seller supposed to take advantage of the BRs to generate more sales?

Here’s an outline of the Pitch I typically employ in my proposals. Please let me know if you find anything that could use some correction. (NOTE: This is NOT the actual pitch; it is just an OUTLINE)

“Hi Username, I will like to work with you on this insert project. I have experience designing stuff for Businesses, I guarantee a maximum return on investment. You can see some of my past work in my gig portfolio. I look forward to working with you.” insert custom offer details*"

Can someone please point out to me where I may be getting it wrong?
Any tips/tricks to increase my conversion rate?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Now their are a lot of sellers on fiverr. Try to make a offer and save it on your laptop. Whenever you send offers then copy and paste description.
Try to send you your offer on 1st. If you see 10 requests are sent then leave thar request and look for other.
Hope it will help you.

Premade proposals don’t make sales. Instead, if you briefly explain what and how you will handle the client project will surely work.

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I’ve responded to a few thousand Buyers Requests over the years, and many of those have resulted in sales. There are a few things that you need to do, when you reply to Buyer Request ads, in order be successful:

1.) Be you. Be genuine. Be helpful.
2). Make your response about the buyer, not about you.
3.) Don’t expect Buyer Requests to be your primary source of sales. It won’t be.

Far too many new sellers think that BR will make them successful. I guarantee you, it will not. Hard work is required; success is not possible without hard, daily, persistent work. And how you choose to market and promote yourself matters. If you write well, and you know how to sell yourself, then you will have a chance. If you merely send “buy my stuff” BR responses, you will most likely fail.

Buyers do not want to be sold to. They want to feel as if THEY are valuable to the process.

Figure out how to make these things work for you, and you may EARN sales from BRs.

If you expect immediate success… you WILL fail. There is no such thing as immediate success.

(And no, I am NOT going to tell newbie sellers what to write in their BR responses. New sellers, YOU are going to having to figure that out on your own. Trial and error. Always trial and error.)


Premade messages may generate low amount of sales.