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Buyer Requests empty! Why?

Hi Everyone!

I’m Mamunur Rashid. I’m a Professional Graphic Designer and active member on Fiverr. From Buyer Requests option, I sent them OFFERS more than 15 times last 3 days. But, at times it’s showing “Buyer Requests empty”. But why? Is It natural?

I want getting everyone’s attention and suggestions. Please, tell me something to solve. I’ll be grateful to you.

Thank You
Mamunur Rashid


That’s probably not required considering – the answer to your question has already been given countless times here on the Forum… If you do a simple search using the search tool on the forum, :mag: you will be able to find a wealth of resource on this topic.

Here is one very useful article on the topic of buyer requests. Have a look-

Thanks for your valuable comment.

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