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Buyer Requests Error

I have a little error. BR writes “active 3”, but I don’t see any requests. I try to reload the page, but it did not help.
Thank you for your help!
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I’m facing the same issu

It’s just a bug. Nothing else.

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I’m also facing the same problem. This bug is destroying so many opportunities!!

Clear cash your browser :heart: Than you solve this problem

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It’s not a Fiverr error. You can easily fix this. You just need to clean your browser cache after you go to the buyer request tab & reload the tab.

To do this go to Settings > Privacy > Browsing Data > Check *Browsing history
& *Cached images and files box > Select Time Range to All-Time from dropdown > Submit Clear Data

Your Cache is now clear. Now go to the buyer request tab & reload the tab. Your Problem will be solved.

Reference link: How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome - Delete Browser Cache - YouTube

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@komal_bhangu @tapu_developer

Follow my reply. It will be helpful for you.