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BUYER REQUESTS Feature – Basics for Sellers – WHAT AND WHERE IS BR?

  • Buyer Requests (BR) is FOR BUYERS to request custom offers from Sellers.
    (see Key Terms etc. in following link on what is a buyer, a seller, an order, an offer, a gig etc. and memorize them - it´s easier to get correct replies on the forum when you post about issues, if you use the correct terms so everyone knows what you´re talking about:

  • It is NOT for Sellers to post their Gigs and services and offers, actually that can get you into trouble.
    Kindly do not post your services as a post in BR if you are a Seller - it might get your account disabled, that means: you could be banned from Fiverr. Surely you don´t want that, so better don´t risk it. Quote from the Fiverr-site:

Note: Misuse of the Buyer Request feature, such as advertising your services as a seller, may lead to your account being disabled. (

  • It is for Sellers in so far that Sellers can REPLY TO requests BUYERS make in BR.
    You, the Seller, does not post a request there - the Buyer posts a request, and you can reply by sending an offer to that request.

  • Where is BR? Hover your mouse over your user name/profile icon,
    click Selling > Buyer Requests.
    You can filter them per category of your Gigs.
    You can even search them, box top right, for specific keywords.

  • BR isn´t continually updated, if you see no new BRs, give it time.
    Also, depending on the number of Gigs/categories your Gigs are in, no new BRs might simply mean there are no new BRs, especially during a weekend or holidays.
    If you feel as if there usually would be new BRs by now, you can try to log out of all instances of Fiverr you are logged in and clear cache ‘n’ cookies of your browser.
    If BRs won´t update over a long period and cache clearing doesn´t help, you can always ask on the forum if you are the only one (would be useful to add the category you usually see BRs for), or open a ticket with Customer Support (CS).

  • You have a limit of 10 offers you can send to BR per day. Keep that in mind, you might want to ‘save’ at least 1 until before you´ll log off for the day, so you are not out of offers to send, if a really good BR for you comes along.

  • Do read the BR you are replying to carefully, so the Buyer will know from the text of your message that you really read their post and understood what they are requesting. Don´t send the offer only with $ and days, make use of the space for a personalized message to make your offer stand out among the others.

  • You can not contact Buyers directly (unless a Buyer happens to have ordered from you before and you have a ‘communication history’ with them), this is not to annoy you or a shortcoming in the Fiverr system, but because Buyers would drown in messages by Sellers else, only reply to their BR with an offer. Often Buyers will get several – lots of offers, and only contact the Seller who’s offer they choose, don´t be disappointed, if you get no reply, it just means another Seller was faster or their offer was a better fit for that Buyer this time. Try again. :slight_smile:

  • If you write lots of offers and never get a reply/order, re-evaluate your gigs, prices, the messages you send the Buyers in your offer to the BR, your profile, maybe it´s time to try out something different.
    Read helpful forum posts on all those things - but do not send personal messages to people who wrote the posts or commented on them, asking for help, especially not through the main fiverr page inbox – most will not like that and only point you back to the forum anyway, or even report you for spamming. If you want to ask for help, ask publicly on the forum, so everyone can profit from any help given. Good forum categories to ask are ‘Improve My Gig’ or ‘Conversations’ or maybe ‘New User Introductions’.

  • Unlike when you usually send a custom offer to a Buyer, you can not set an expiry date for an offer you send in BR, so make sure you won´t be negatively surprised, if a Buyer takes you up on your offer when you´ve already forgotten about it and have x orders and no time.

  • You can see all offers you sent in BR in Selling > Buyer Requests > Sent Offers, but unlike with offers you sent to someone via inbox, you will see that there is no ‘Withdraw Custom Offer’-button to click for those.

A useful Fiverr-link regarding BR from Seller’s side:

And to see how things look from Buyer’s side:

Good luck with sending your custom offers to the requests posted by Buyers in Buyer Requests, and don´t give up too soon, as a freelancer you need some patience and persistence. :slight_smile:

ETA (edited to add):

Now that you know what not to do with BR, also have a look at this excellent post regarding Buyer Requests by @ayafalls with more tips on how to actually get a Buyer to accept your offer:

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Hopefully the geniuses visits the forum and comes here to read this wonderful instructional.


Thank you for your likeable.


Excellent & thorough post. I have used buyer’s request several times in the past year. Your suggestions are exactly what I look for from bidders.

Recently, I posted a translation service in B. R. I told them to translate in their bid: “My best gig is the translation service.” Here are the three I chose (mind you, this is not everything they wrote, just what grabbed my attention)

(1) This is the translation you requested as an example: “Mi mejor gig es mi servicio de traducción”. I didn’t translate the word gig since this is not commonly used in Spanish and whoever works with it will recognize it.

(2) I’m sure I’d be able to meet your expectations… After all, “la migliore tra le mie gig è proprio questo servizio di traduzione”!

(3) I’m a French native speaker. I consider myself pretty quick and efficient, I also do all of my translations by hand. . . . As for your sentence: “Mon meilleur boulot est ce service de traduction.”

Here are examples of the few that I did NOT choose. Can anyone guess why?

(1) I am waiting that you contact me.

(2) I could get started to work on the translation of your book tomorrow.

(3) Hi Dear

(4) Also, the person who bid in (foreign language). If I knew the language, I wouldn’t need to hire someone. I used google to get a gist of what he was saying - the problem is this. He failed to translate the one and only sentence I asked him to.


This is my guess, you would have preferred 'Hi Bro". :cat2:

[Disclaimer: Previous sentence was a joke. Please do not call Buyers whose requests you send an offer to any of the following: Dear, bro/ther, sis/ter, friend. ‘Hello’ instead of ‘Hi’ might be better for a first contact too, unless the Buyer wrote ‘Hi’ in their offer or when they contacted you.]


I dont think so.

It is now set in stone!

Disclaimer: The above image and its relative statement was ALSO a joke. Please follow advice of the previous post.


@miiila, @djgodknows:

Disclaimers and more disclaimers - hee, hee, hee!

Close, very close. I would have preferred “Hi, Dude or Yo, Dude!” – (Humm, should I add a disclaimer?)

Seriously, I did add a disclaimer to the request that only native speakers (of particular foreign language - edited for DJ) who are also fluent in English bid. The fact that only one of the 14 or so bidders used that phrase told me that is NOT how French natives learn to speak English, or anyone that grew up in a French speaking area would address someone they do not know. I have no need to pay someone to use google translate, I can do that all on my own - I did not hire him.


Wait, you wanted Native Speakers fluent in English but can translate French?

If so, you could’ve really narrowed it down by saying, please only apply if you are a French-Canadian:yum:


Hi miila , this is a nice post with excellent tips i will do , but sometimes as a new seller here in fiverr when i click BR i found other sellers say i will do something or design something and i am sure they are sellers not buyers , i tried to do like them then i got that message from fiverr ,


Wh would you try to do like THEM, when you know they are sellers and are doing the WRONG thing??


i was new and dont know they are wrong , just trying to get buyers like they did


Well i hope you are wiser now and are doing the RIGHT thing… :thumbsup:


thank you , i hope that too , but i still want to know how they are doing it :joy:


Hi Emad, yes, I know, it´s not easy to know and do all the right things when starting, which is why I wrote this post, I hope it helps some people, and keeps some from doing the wrong thing: posting in BR as a seller. :wink: The thing is that what can be done will be done by some people…how…they just do it, you know, but that doesn´t make it right, like so many other things that are being done.
It´s always a very very very good idea though to read all TOS, regulations and other available information especially if one has money in a thing, or one´s livelihood, as can be seen on other threads, so one at least is aware of what is and what isn´t allowed and will not lose one´s account just because one didn´t feel like reading the TOS.
Good luck with replying to Buyer Requests. :slight_smile:


Thank you. very helpful post


Look at this post by @ayafalls too, you two, very useful:


thanks for you experience i will be working on it next time and correct all my mistakes if i have done before. This community is very helpful for getting information about fiverr. Thanks once again


I got so much answer from here


I’m glad it helps some people. :slight_smile: