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BUYER REQUESTS Feature – Basics for Sellers – WHAT AND WHERE IS BR?


i was new and dont know they are wrong , just trying to get buyers like they did


Well i hope you are wiser now and are doing the RIGHT thing… :thumbsup:


thank you , i hope that too , but i still want to know how they are doing it :joy:


Hi Emad, yes, I know, it´s not easy to know and do all the right things when starting, which is why I wrote this post, I hope it helps some people, and keeps some from doing the wrong thing: posting in BR as a seller. :wink: The thing is that what can be done will be done by some people…how…they just do it, you know, but that doesn´t make it right, like so many other things that are being done.
It´s always a very very very good idea though to read all TOS, regulations and other available information especially if one has money in a thing, or one´s livelihood, as can be seen on other threads, so one at least is aware of what is and what isn´t allowed and will not lose one´s account just because one didn´t feel like reading the TOS.
Good luck with replying to Buyer Requests. :slight_smile:


Thank you. very helpful post


Look at this post by @ayafalls too, you two, very useful:


thanks for you experience i will be working on it next time and correct all my mistakes if i have done before. This community is very helpful for getting information about fiverr. Thanks once again


I got so much answer from here


I’m glad it helps some people. :slight_smile:


Your post is extremely informative, @miiila! Thank you for taking the time to provide such a helpful tool for new sellers. :slight_smile:

I wish I could find some requests matching my gigs more often. But I guess I just need to check them daily because you never know when they might appear. :sunny:


Thank you for the post!
I’ve returned to fiverr after a long, long absence, and when I saw the stupid amount of spam in the BR section I thought maybe the rules had changed…and not in the good way :confused: Good to know it’s just people not using it for its intended purpose, instead of it being a mess ON purpose XD


Thanks for this post! It was really helpful.
However, I have a question… When I go to the ‘Buyer Requests’ section, all I see are sellers offering their gigs, there isn’t even ONE buyer asking for anything. All my gigs are tagged and I even used the search bar but I only see 20 active requests and all of them are just sellers. How am I supposed to offer anything if there’s no one to offer it to? Is this a problem? Can it be fixed? I don’t understand ):


Dear Ariadna:

Please bear in mind that the Buyer Requests you see are based on the categories in which your currently active gigs reside.

This is where your market research comes in.

You currently have 3 active gigs. You can add 4 more as a New Seller.

What you’ve discovered is that for the niches you’ve chosen, there aren’t that many relevant Buyer Requests.

If you add appropriate gigs appropriate for your skills in appropriate categories, with appropriate experimentation you may find appropriate Buyer Requests for what you are trying to accomplish… (obviously, there’s no point to adding more gigs in your current categories for this purpose).

Good luck,


I’ve never seen only sellers posting in my category so far. If that is so in yours, apart from what Blaise said, it might be good to make screenshots of that and send them to Customer Support, so they can see that something is wrong with their approval process for BR and also that maybe more marketing for that niche might be an idea, if it’s a niche that should by all logic have more demand.


This is really good and appreciate the whole team of fiver for creating more opportunities for everyone.


This is really good tip for the every one.,

Thank you so much…


Thank you so much for sharing your Idea with us. I think it’s helpful tips for everybody.

New here on fiverr


wow great one, thanks !:yum:


Yeah, right? Cos I keel seeing lots of Sellers talking about their gigs on my BR. I’m a new seller looking to deal and such persons discourage me.