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BUYER REQUESTS Feature – Basics for Sellers – WHAT AND WHERE IS BR?


Your post is extremely informative, @miiila! Thank you for taking the time to provide such a helpful tool for new sellers. :slight_smile:

I wish I could find some requests matching my gigs more often. But I guess I just need to check them daily because you never know when they might appear. :sunny:


Thank you for the post!
I’ve returned to fiverr after a long, long absence, and when I saw the stupid amount of spam in the BR section I thought maybe the rules had changed…and not in the good way :confused: Good to know it’s just people not using it for its intended purpose, instead of it being a mess ON purpose XD


Thanks for this post! It was really helpful.
However, I have a question… When I go to the ‘Buyer Requests’ section, all I see are sellers offering their gigs, there isn’t even ONE buyer asking for anything. All my gigs are tagged and I even used the search bar but I only see 20 active requests and all of them are just sellers. How am I supposed to offer anything if there’s no one to offer it to? Is this a problem? Can it be fixed? I don’t understand ):


Dear Ariadna:

Please bear in mind that the Buyer Requests you see are based on the categories in which your currently active gigs reside.

This is where your market research comes in.

You currently have 3 active gigs. You can add 4 more as a New Seller.

What you’ve discovered is that for the niches you’ve chosen, there aren’t that many relevant Buyer Requests.

If you add appropriate gigs appropriate for your skills in appropriate categories, with appropriate experimentation you may find appropriate Buyer Requests for what you are trying to accomplish… (obviously, there’s no point to adding more gigs in your current categories for this purpose).

Good luck,


I’ve never seen only sellers posting in my category so far. If that is so in yours, apart from what Blaise said, it might be good to make screenshots of that and send them to Customer Support, so they can see that something is wrong with their approval process for BR and also that maybe more marketing for that niche might be an idea, if it’s a niche that should by all logic have more demand.


This is really good and appreciate the whole team of fiver for creating more opportunities for everyone.


This is really good tip for the every one.,

Thank you so much…


Thank you so much for sharing your Idea with us. I think it’s helpful tips for everybody.

New here on fiverr


wow great one, thanks !:yum:


Yeah, right? Cos I keel seeing lots of Sellers talking about their gigs on my BR. I’m a new seller looking to deal and such persons discourage me.


Hi, I´m fine, hope you are too. Sorry, but I have no idea about T-shirt design, so I can´t say anything to that gig really. And there are so many reasons a gig might not perform well, if you have no idea, I certainly can only guess myself, it might have dropped out of search, people are hesitant to order because of your two not 5 star reviews, your niche might be overcrowded generally, or there may be a lot of new sellers with similar gigs at the moment, and new gigs do get a boost in the ranking by Fiverr for a while, or your gig pictures are of things that aren´t in demand at this time, or the offers you send to Buyer Requests are not convincing enough, or there are just not enough people who are looking for that kind of gig, or… could be any of that or something completely different, I don´t know.
Also, March 20th isn´t really that long ago, many people don´t have orders all the time, there´s ups and downs, you can read a lot about that on the forum, as well as you can find lots of tips on the forum on how you might be able to improve your sales, market your gigs on social media etc., so please have a look at all the information there and see if you can find something you can try out.

And, of course, keep checking and replying to Buyer Requests, but all the guidance that can be given regarding Buyer Requests, has already been given, on this and on several other forum threads, you can peruse the forum search function to find more guidance for Buyer Requests and for every imaginable issue.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much for your time & advise i will try to study everything.
Thanks Again


Thanks nice article :slight_smile:


Thank you for your instruction. It’s really effective.


How the payment is made with BR gigs? Should the buyer “buy” custom order when we have finished the work or what?


Hi. it works just like with other custom offers, the buyer can accept your offer and then s/he pays the money to fiverr, you get your revenue 14 days after you delivered and the buyer completed or it autocompleted.


Thanks for Sharing it with us


Ok so this is my second time trying Fiverr and I’m a tad confused. Buyer request is for customers looking for Fiverr merchants to fill said request? I thought that’s how it works but all I see are Fiverr merchants offering services. I was told the Buyer request section was the place to look to find what people really wanted to buy but I think I’m mistaken. If I’m wrong please clear the confusion up for me, I really want to make my first sale.


Hi, it can be a bit confusing, yes, that´s why I wrote this post.

“Buyer request is for customers looking for Fiverr merchants to fill said request?” Yes.

“but all I see are Fiverr merchants offering services.” Some do, but it´s not allowed and they risk losing their account by doing that.

If you are a seller and want to sell, you can send an offer to what a buyer posts on Buyer Request.
The buyers get usually several, sometimes many offers, so being fast and making your offer stand out can help.
Unfortunately sellers won´t get notified if their offer is not accepted by the buyer, you’ll only know if a buyer accepts it as you will get a notification then. Hope that helps. :slight_smile: