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Buyer Requests feature doesn't update for hours

From last 10 hours the buyer requests page isn’t being refreshed/updated. Although I’ve 7 gigs and all are from different categories.

In normal I see 3 new requests after every 15 to 30 minutes. But some times it takes upto 10-16 hours to see some new posts. I think that is a problem within Fiverr…

Do you people felt this ever?

I have noticed this, but to my understanding it is normal for Fiverr at this time. Buyer Requests refreshes anywhere from hours to a couple of days in my experience. I think one problem might be that if there were set times, sellers would all be poised and waiting. Sellers in some parts of the world be either excluded for sleep-time or forced to set middle of the night alarms. It isn’t a perfect system, but it wouldn’t be if it were at set time either. I am glad that we have Buyer Requests either way! :slight_smile:

i agree… this is the reason or there cannot be any other logical logic :slight_smile: