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Buyer Requests Feedback System?

Many buyer requests are very poorly structured.
Some do not provide even basic details & it becomes very hard to understand what the buyer wants.
Some are just down right unacceptable.
Some are the most dreaded gig promotions.
and so on.

What if there was a way to rate these requests so the poster can gain some insights on the quality of their requests and eventually improve overtime? I know that this might take lots of thought and dedication to implement.

What’s your opinion on this? and any suggestions/ideas for the concept?


Well, for me I would say to him/her that I need more details about what you need to do so please kindly contact me.

Yeah, that’s what I do now. But having to go through the extra step is a bit of a chore. Overall, a lot of time would be saved. Possibly a do and don’ts tutorial just to educate the requesters could may be a solution or at least a measure to improve the BR quality overall.

Yea I may agree with you to get better and clearly understand between buyers and sellers, also I think that will help to decrease order cancellation.

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I hate these sellers who promote their gigs on buyers requests section, why fiverr In the first place let them do that!

As I know when the buyer write his/her request, the request does not go to public untill his/her request be reviewed by fiverr team!