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Buyer requests for a job worth $50 for $5 claiming it would be a long relationship

Hello everyone! like all other new sellers have been waiting for someone to give me a job, all of a sudden a seller messaged me with a job offer i was indeed very happy then he told me he would make it $2 per hour of audio or video(Transcription):disappointed_relieved:…lots of things came to my mind:thinking: If i do this i would have a good review because am a new seller with just one review and most buyers do not want to order from someone with no review and like he said a long lasting relationship so i thought if he could order from me at least 5 times this would increase my chance of succeeding here on fiverr…On the other side of the coin, I thought should i do this kind job which exploits my time and energy?. so i felt sharing this on the forum might be more of reducing my burden.I do feel like doing this but also do not want to so i would like to hear from you all.


To be honest with you tell the person to raise the price to $5 per house transcription.

OK will try that and really wish he accepts

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I think you should do it only if you don’t have any other job to do as it would increase your chances of succeeding here, if you can use your time for something more productive then leave it.

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Your Basic gig offering is $5 for a 10/15-minute transcription. Note: your package description shows 15 and the actual number of minutes shows 10.

Ask yourself these questions do you want to work hard for less?


do you want to work smarter, while getting paid what you’re worth?

This is not a marriage proposal. :ring:
The buyer is trying to butter you up to get the bargain basement deal! Telling you what you want to hear.

Direct the buyer to your gig packages, let him choose the one that fits his needs.


If it were a wedding proposal, my answer would be “F*** off :angry:

To OP:
Those scammers are looking for new sellers to abuse. Don’t ever give them the chance to misuse you or your services. Work hard and be honest, you will meet a lot of honest buyers here. :sunny:


In my opinion, long lasting relationship should based on mutually beneficial relationship. If it’s only benefited one side and the other side is suffered, then that’s not good and healthy relationship.


LOL…So let me get this straight…I’m gonna screw you on price, but it’s gonna be a long relationship based on repeatedly screwing you on price.

I have to go catch my breath. :thinking:


Do you want a long standing relationship with someone who wants to rip you off?

Just tell them thank you for the opportunity. Pick the proposal you offer that best suites your needs.

I worked freelance and retail for many years. I’ve learned that there are people who love to haggle and bully you down to the cheapest price. It gets them off.
It makes them feel like they won.
Stay away from people like that.

A businessman told me that you can give a 10% or 20% discount, but not 50% or more. Otherwise you’ll end up looking desperate, and your buyer won’t respect you.

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Don’t do that! My reasoning is as follows:

  • Those looking for cheap cheap work, have a mindset of a cheap, abusive people
  • It’s humiliating to work for $2 an hour. You would feel bad about yourself. I had those cheap projects- almost quit freelancing because of them!
  • One review will not make a difference.
  • Cheap people don’t leave good reviews
  • You can set low prices for your work as a start, but don’t go bellow that!
  • “Sorry, my rates are not negotiable” is a magical sentence I use in such situations.
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Never do this, ok, im from venezuela, i really need to work a lot of times, and this is just a way to scam you, thrust me… your work have a price, never low that price or the people just gonna use u like a toy…

I’m a buyer, and I came to fiverr because I cannot afford $100 illustrations… but I also do not want to get half way through a project and have to change artists because I was too cheap to pay them properly.

I think any buyer who wants to work long term with you would start by ordering a short gig at regular price to sample your work. That is what I did.


If a buyer wants $50 of your work for $5, then you will need to do ten times the work to make what you should be making from one job. My experience is that people who get work from you at a discounted rate once, will want that same rate forever. Or they’ll disappear and you will have made ten cents for a dollar’s worth of work (or whatever currency you use).

I couldn’t see your gig to see what you price, but I do transcription in the real world (not here) and I know what I need to make per hour for it to be a profitable business. Think of how long it takes you to produce an hour, or minute or whatever unit of time you use as a base for your transcribing and price your work accordingly. You know what your work is worth and if your work is done in a professional quality and standards your market will reflect that.

I wish you much success and send an HOLA to everyone from Cancun!


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