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Buyer requests for level 2 still 10 & not 50

Hi everyone,

I just made Level 2 recently and when I tried to click on buyer requests, I noticed that I’m still stuck at 10 requests. I’ve heard where it was said that a level 2 seller is entitled to 50 buyer requests. So, I don’t know why this is happening. Can someone please explain to me and let me know if there’s something I don’t know.

No, I just checked the Levels perks page again, and it makes no mention of an increase in Buyers Requests submissions. I think you may have confused it with the 50 sales needed for Level 2 and it stuck in your head. It happens. Plus, you are showing as just a member here, how are you claiming that you made Level 2?

@Webtelly, it takes a while for her new badge to show. I’m nosy so I went to her profile which is level 2. It will show up in the forum in a day or two (actually, it may be a forum glitch since you have to make level 1 before level 2, maybe it reverts back to a sheep before changing your badge in the forum??)

Thanks @feltonlegal and @webtelly. I must have mixed it up.

LOL @ claiming to be level 2. I wonder who’d get away with that.

Reply to @eyedearsdesigns: Apparently it’s cool to make up a badge that says “Best Logo Designer on Fiverr!” et al, too. :wink:

oh well!