'Buyer Requests' Full Of Spam Sellers


You know what I mean.

Can Fiverr dedicate some time/resource to this, at least to the same extent of moderating and holding up real requests?

Come on, get rid of the seller spam in Buyer Requests and ban the offenders. Particularly those who do it again, and again, and again…and again.

Thank you!


Candi x

P.S. When you do remove the users - which I know you do - could you remove the offending spam request as well? In your new ‘improved’ Buyer Requests, these spam seller monstrosities come back years later, and at the top of the bloody list!



It’s getting worse. Come on, why are these people appearing at the top of the Buyer Request list.


Candi x


Maybe if you move this to the “Suggestion Box” and tag @globalva, they can look into it.



A fair point! Except, these requests are moderated…so they are complicitly being put up there as BS buyer requests. If there’re only two of us it annoys or we represent an apathetic community, then it’s not worth the effort.


Candi x


Reply to @creativelycandi: I’ve read that they are manually moderated, but I’ve also read that it’s automated like so much else on the site.

I do agree that Fiverr facilitates plenty of things that either directly violate their own ToS or are plain old dodgy. And a bulk of sellers here probably do favor being able to spam or are unwilling to try to do anything about it. Still, the only chance of getting anything changed for the better is to approach the folks with the authority to change it.

Simply complaining about it, is akin to apathy in itself. :slight_smile: