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Buyer requests help!


I can’t find where to look at buyer requests. I made a 3 part gig but nothing shows up under buyer requests. Why can I not find buyers.



What I’m trying to figure out is where to find a list of people who need my services so I can sell myself


That’s answered in the first link:


I’ve been there, nothing shows up


Dear Leo:

What you’ve just learned is that there is not a great demand in that niche.

BR isn´t continually updated, if you see no new BRs, give it time.
Also, depending on the number of Gigs/categories your Gigs are in, no new BRs might simply mean there are no new BRs, especially during a weekend or holidays.
If you feel as if there usually would be new BRs by now, you can try to log out of all instances of Fiverr you are logged in and clear cache ‘n’ cookies of your browser.
If BRs won´t update over a long period and cache clearing doesn´t help, you can always ask on the forum if you are the only one (would be useful to add the category you usually see BRs for), or open a ticket with Customer Support (CS).

Realize that the Buyer Requests you see are based on the category or categories in which your gigs appear. More gigs in more categories translate to more opportunities to respond to Buyer Requests.

If you add gigs in more popular categories, you may see more Buyer Requests in those categories.

Good luck,


Thank you, that was exactly what I needed. I’m just finding it hard to believe noone on the planet needs something proofread or rewritten.


You have one “i” instead of “I” on your profile, and one in your gig description.

That’s not related to Buyer Requests, just something you may want to fix.

I remember that one seller mentioned that she was able to see a much bigger number of requests once she reached level 1, and an even bigger number once she got to level 2. I can’t confirm that that’s how it’s supposed to be, though.


How long have you been looking at Buyer Requests? It might take a bit until you´ll see a new ‘batch’, it seems they ‘refresh’ randomly, sometimes you´ll see a new one now, another new one in half an hour, sometimes a handful at once, but I can tell you that I haven´t seen any new ones in translation for as long as 3 days, though that was the longest yet and some time ago.


Hi, @miiila. Do you ever use them? I feel like I cannot find any buyer requests matching my gigs lately.

I’m not sure how much buyers use them these days. :worried:


Hi Anamaria, I look through them and sometimes I send an offer, though rarely now. I don´t like that I can´t ‘just write’ to the buyer but have to send an offer right away which often with how little information there is can´t be any more than a ‘mock-up-offer’ and I don’t like especially that I can´t set an expiry date on offers sent on BR unlike usual custom offers.
I did use them quite a lot when I began though. It´s definitely worth to keep an eye on them, just in case you see something interesting.


I’ve used B. R. 23 times since mid December and hired 17 sellers through it. I’ve even :heart: a few and used them more than once.

I find that it is very useful when I am looking for specialized nitch.


It depends on the seller. If you are a new seller than you hardly see requests. Buyers request appears for a particular time and it doesn’t last too long.


I can’t find people who need my services on your site. Compared to upwork, navigating this site is like pulling teeth.


Well for a start, you have not listed any services or “gigs” as they are called here.
Fiverr only allows you to see buyer requests from those which are related to the services you offer so as you have no gigs, you cant see any. Create some gigs and you will get to see some.
Your friendly neighborhood orthodontist.


You’ve got a gig but it’s paused.:

Make it active and you might have some luck. :wink::sunny: