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Buyer Requests How does it work?


I am still learning to promote my Travel Leisure Gig

Can new Fiverr’s respond to a Buyer Request without having

any Gig clients yet?


Hello ma’am,

Yes you can respond to the buyer requests.

However since you are a non leveled seller you get to send only 1 offer a day.


Reply to @zarafal:

Thank you Zarafal for both of your comments. This clears up a great deal of confusion

First the Buyers Request page will remain cluttered with old information. Hopefully there will be a plan to keep this information in real time and perhaps PROFILE the seller who landed the gig. That would be motivating to me to see that sellers are actually getting work - plus it would allow old BR’s to be archived.

Second, from your response I learned that I have just joined in the middle of a change. With this new format, Sending an Offer using current gig ads, does not allow sellers the flexibility needed to connect with buyers wihout confusing buyers with an

incorrect gig ad.

That’s what I really wanted to know and you addressed it. The fact that I have limited chances to Send an Offer doesn’t seem to matter - because with the current technical format - I don’t if I would gain a client.

Buyers Request was an exciting option for me because I thought I could begin to build a client base while marketing my new ad. Doesn’t seem as though this will be the case.

Hopefully Fiverr will create a more flexible platform so that we can connect buyers

and sell additional services without the Gig ads promoted on the site.

Seems everyone is losing money because the platform to connect with these general posts under BUYER REQUESTS is not flexible enough to let both parties connect.

What’s wrong with a simple email connection to Send an Offer and let the buyer decide without the visual confusion of seeing the wrong gig ad?


Hello ma’am,

Yes you are correct but as we all know Fiverr takes time ( sometimes ages :(( ) to listen to it’s users here.

When I first started here I got most of my buyers only through the buyer requests section.

Since it was like a simple messaging system you would know which a buyer actually purchased your Gig or replied to your message.

Now they don’t even show their usernames so you don’t even know whether the Gig you sent was accepted by the buyer or not.

It’s been more than 2 years and they haven’t changed this system yet. 8->


I agree that the system is a complete mess right now, but I want to add an opinion because in spite of the problems, I’ve actually had some luck with buyer requests. I got my start on Fiverr by getting one single sale from my landlord who took a chance, bought a gig they could use and gave me an honest review. Once I had one sale with a review, I started trying for every buyer request that was even close to my gigs.

It was a risk for me and the buyers and I did have to mutually cancel once in a while when they ordered without contacting me, but before that I wasn’t making sales so I felt I had nothing to lose.

At first I only made 1 sale for every 15-25 tries but it still worked. I worked for hours on the gigs I got so I could over-deliver and get ratings. Some of those buyers became regulars and I communicated with them closely so they understood as I decreased time spent to start earning profit. Those first few sales got me listed in search (not featured, but at least on the page for my category) and that got me more buyers. When my orders run thin, I still use buyer requests. The system badly needs an update but there are a few gems in there. Good luck!


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