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Buyer Requests - how does this work?

I recently became aware of ‘buyer requests’ under ‘More’ on menu! I thought we just post Gigs and the buyers find us. So I was very happy to see that there was another route to a buyer. However it’s a mystery to me how the buyer requests kind of appear randomly … I went in this morning and there were 5. About 2 hours later they all gone? Do they come in in batches? Do they get removed the moment they find the right seller? Yesterday the whole day - there were none. Would appreciate some help in this regard!


Buyer request come according to your working category and skill you select.
If they already find the seller for their task, those buyer request wouldnt show to you. You have to check daily for buyer request. Its a potential way to reach your buyer.


Thank you. So is there no ‘job stream’ like in upwork - which I also recently joined? Is the buyer request like ‘job stream’ in upwork? Not sure whether I can mention them but am just trying to understand! I think I saw something somewhere about improving keywords - will try and find that. Thanks again

When buyers have specific project requests , they have the option of posting those requests directly to the seller community. As a seller, you can use this tool to offer your services to more buyers and eventually grow your business

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