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Buyer Requests - how to get the gig!

Have you been struggling to get orders? Then you’ve probably looked at the Buyer Request section a few times now, and maybe you’ve sent a few offers. As a buyer whose posted requests before, here are some tips for how to actually appeal to the seller:

  • Edit before you send. Make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct and that your sentences flow and make sense. The buyer won’t sit there for ten minutes trying to figure out what you had tried to say and they are very unlikely to message you asking.

  • Be clear. Be concise. Tell them what exactly your price will offer in your description that you send them. Don’t tell them to go to your profile. They don’t want to do the work! They don’t want to scan through 50+ profiles to find the best! That’s why they posted in the Buy Request section! If they’re asking for an illustration, tell them exactly what the price will get them & what the extras are. Are commercial rights included? The source file?

  • Actually READ through the request. Many sellers don’t reference the request at all, and it’s extremely off-putting. I delete these offers straight-off. If you’re not even willing to read my request, how are you going to be able to deliver the product I want? So READ the request and post an offer for it. Reference the request. “I hear that you want x, y, and z included, which brings the price to a total of b.” You’ll get FAR more offers accepted this way! Stop copy-pasting, it’s generic, and everybody does it. Stand out!

  • Stop over-pricing yourself. This ties in with the last point. If someone is requesting 500 words ghostwritten, don’t send them an offer of what you charge for 5,000. If someone asks for a sketch, don’t charge them for a full-out, detailed digital illustration. I’m not saying to charge lower than you’re comfortable with, just don’t request +$500 for something that you’d normally do for $20. I’ve seen this happen a lot. I see the ridiculous price and after checking their gig page… well, straight in the bin their offer goes. After reading the request, respond to it appropriately. Do NOT chuck a random number up!

  • Don’t be a robot. You have thoughts, emotions and beliefs, don’t you? Then show it! Be more than an automated robot, write questions, make statements. Show that thought has gone into your offer! If someone is asking for something fantasy-based, tell them how much you love fantasy and would enjoy working on the project with them. If it’s art/writing/reading/whatever based, tell them how much you love that, too, and tell them how good the quality will be!

  • Don’t insult other Fiverr sellers. Don’t tell them about how some users plagiarize or steal or whatever they may or may not do. It’s tacky, and it builds distrust between the buyer and all of Fiverr. The buyer will be more likely to remove their request rather than accept your offer.

I’ve given up on posting requests because nobody seems to follow these tips. Had just ONE seller done the above, I’d have chosen them. You’d be surprised how many people don’t do these, and you are probably one of them. Which isn’t a totally bad thing, and you’ve probably been accepted for a few offers. But follow the above guidelines, and watch your acceptance rate fly high.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I think your words control you :robot:

Similar sentiments here as well:

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old tips but good tips (Y)

This is a very useful tip… Thanks a lot.

Usefull tips,basicly got first few orders by behaveing this way.

One adition maybe? -> dont overprice yourself,but dont down price either.Sent two offers 1 was 5$ for a lot of work,second was 50$.One for 5$ didnt pass(thank god),one for 50$ passed…same guy just 2 different custom offers…

Great tips by the way,hoping I will be in position as a seller to give my own ones some day(will have some number of gigs done that will give me some credibility).

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Always nice to hear a buyers perspective. Thank you!

I am glad that I see like-minded people.

I always tend to keep a professional approach when communication either throughout my gigs or in the BR area.

But, these past few days I keep asking myself is it really worth it?! I take it that it is a good way to get reviews if you’re a new buyer, but the only people I tend to attract in the BR area have brought me only trouble.
People from the “Hello sir make a logo for $5 plis” bracket.

Normally, I would read their request and ask in response to that. I write each offer individually, even send draft versions to some of them (in regard to logo design). I ask them kindly to message me before order.

This last customer, messaged me as asked. I explained that I will deliver a free draft version and if they liked it we will proceed to order. He then immediately ordered. Some time later I explained that I might need more time to deliver the order as it wasn’t that simple to do so in short time and the results would have not be desirable. They agreed. One day later I receive cancellation and a bad review. All for what? 10 bucks and hopes for a positive review.

Maybe this falls under the Tips for Buyers sub-forum but in any case, I have it as a lifelong goal to use every one of those 10 daily offers in order to attract more buyers. Is it really worth it considering that I’ve taken care of what is mentioned in the OP and I am still getting negative results.

To recap:

  1. I write each offer individually and personally.
  2. I inform them what I include in my service in regard to their request which is always more value than what they pay for.
  3. Price is literally always below their requested budget and in a meaningful way (I don’t ask 19$ if they have 20$ budget)
  4. Sometimes I send draft versions of logo that take me up to 15-20 minutes to create
  5. I keep a professional approach in communication rather than Hi sir/boss/bro

You are totally right about me not doing the above. I will definitely put them to use.
Thank you.

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I am new too but one thing I’d like to point out is that you shouldn’t be desperate to get positive reviews and in the process undervalue/underprice your services. I took that tip from the forum yesterday and I put my price slightly higher in the offer I sent and surprisingly I got the order!

The people you attract also know the value of what you’re offering and maybe that is why they become a pain because they think it is ridiculously cheap and they sense you just want the order.

Don’t underprice your services and at the same time, do not go overboard. Strike a balance, evaluate your services and charge what you really feel would make up for the time you would be putting into the delivery.

Also, if a gig will take you some time to deliver, you may want to have that timeframe set as your delivery period. Believe it or not, some people do not read gig descriptions thoroughly.

I hope this helps. Do remember, anything worthwhile takes time - Give yourself time to grow!


Great Job Fiverr, love the changes! :slight_smile:

I would use them, but sadly every day there are just more sellers posting extreamly off putting requests. Begging at times for work. I do feel bad for them, but it does not mean they can take over buyer requests. And one admist the never ending requests from sellers, is actually from a buyer, which I tend to miss out on at times due to annoyance.


I read the headlines and yes it is useful tips.

Thank you so much for this excellent reminder.

You made so much sense with this reply. Thanks a lot. I’m new too.

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Thanks for sharing with community