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Buyer Requests how to raise orders?


Hello there guys :slight_smile: I am using fiverr almost a year, so while I was working since 4-5 months, in the field Buyer request I used to have more orders before than now. I have max 9-10 orders or buyers requests where I can apply for a job. My question is, am I doing something wrong, so I have that low amount of orders, or ? Thank you !


Are you marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers that need your services?


Hello there. No, I am graphic designer, so I am looking for buyers, but I have too low requests, which I got more since I started to work on this site.


This doesn’t really answer the question posed to you.

Especially since you’re a new seller, you can’t reasonably expect prospective buyers to come to you… you have to go to them.


I see that you have an average review rating of 4. In order to see more Buyer Requests, it needs to be higher.


I am not a new seller, I am working on this site almost a year. I would ask from you to explain how to get them, thank you.


Yea? So it depends on my review rating ? I didn’t know that, thank you, appreciate it !


You’re not a Fiverr Pro, Top Rater Seller, Level 2 Seller or Level 1 Seller… ergo, you’re a New Seller. Your tenure on Fiverr has no bearing on your status as a seller.

Best of luck to you, though.


Do I need to boost my gigs, or just to work and have more projects in order to be atop rated seller etc ? Thank you a lot, have a nice day !


How, exactly, would someone “boost a gig”? This makes no sense, and has no real connection to how Fiverr works.


You need to check it out, so you will figure it out what I am talking about.


No, I do not. Me “checking out your gig” with not make your gig successful. Nothing I or anyone else can do will “boost your gig”. There is no boost other than the work YOU do to improve your services. If you want to “boost your gig”, get busy making it a better gig.


You’ve changed totally the subject here, find the sentence where I’ve told that I have great gigs. Anyway thank you for your time, good day.


I have not changed the subject of this topic – you’re just not wanting to listen to what others are telling you. This is clearly and undeniably apparent to anyone who reads this topic.

Listen and be wise.


No, you’re not doing anything wrong.

Because your rating is less than 4.5 or 90% because of your cancelled order, you can’t respond to buyer requests as you can’t see them.

That is why @jonbaas is suggesting you need to market your gigs off Fiverr to draw clients in to purchase your gigs to get you back up to the level needed to see buyer requests.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Appreciate your time, like @jonbaas also, I accept your advices. One more question because I really need opinion, how I can like you said "market your gigs? I need that step, the post is actually for that question ? Thank you again for the kind words …


I only really deal with videos, so I use YouTube to promote my gigs - could you put together a slideshow of images you’ve produced (YT has a tool to help you) - each linking back to your gigs?

I’ve had some growing success with Pinterest recently - images work well on there, as they do on Instagram. Twitter and Facebook - just setup a fanpage on FB with examples of your work, and you can post them on twitter as well. The good thing with Twitter is that you can work out who your target market might be and follow those users in the hope they follow you back and see your work.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not getting order. please check my profile if there is any mistake please tell me. I really need work. I am very upset. And how can I promote me gig?
Please tell me


Thank you, I will try that, wish you all the best !


You too - I hope you get back above that 90% soon! :sunny:

@aasia24 Please see my post above yours!