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Buyer requests how to send samples

Hello, I have discovered the Buyer Request on this site. Many clients want you to send them a sample or link but when I click on “send an offer” ther is no place where I can send an attachement to! Can someone explain to me what I am missing? I really can’t seem to send any attachment from my computer…help!



You can either add a PDF file to your gig or add 2 other images (apart from your primary gig image) to showcase your skills.

You can also create a portfolio in one of the websites/link permitted by Fiverr and when sending offers in response to buyer requests, you can attach the link to your portfolio along with your message.


Thanks! Since I can’t send an attachment I will have to semd youtube links indeed good idea! :+1:t3:

Once the client contact you, you can send them samples or let them know to ask for samples of your service.

Good one thanks!! I appreciate your comment!

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