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Buyer requests huh?

I offered services for voice acting and powerpoint presentation. However, I only get offers mainly for voiceovers, and most of them are not even close to the description of my offer.
So far, I only offer English (American) and Chinese voiceovers, but most of them are requesting English in British and Australian accents, and also others that request foreign languages that I don’t even heard some of them. I only got 1 offer for presentation and he didn’t even reply me after I sent my requests. How can I do about this?


Buyer request not available in my account. :sob::sob:

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you can find buyer request at the top right side of the page, under ‘More’

Not all the people you write the buyer request to will reply to you.
I have sent around 150 buyer requests till now and only 2 of them replied!
And only 1 of them ended up buying from me! Can you believe that?

I think that most people you send the buyer requests to will not reply because an average buyer request gets around 100 offers.
So most of the times, offers you make to buyer requests get lost in the never-ending list of offers.
That is why you should write a unique offer that makes the client buy from you.
Ask yourself: If you were the client, what would you like to see in an offer to your request?

There are many things that will help you in making your offer stand out but this is the 1 most important one:
Make sure that there are no spelling errors in your offer
This is the 1 most important thing because there are many people who have English as their first language make spelling errors and I think that sound really unprofessional and very annoying.

If you’re confused about how to spell something, you can just google it


Hi @extiza7643 I agree with you, some of them just replied my offer and only 1 of them accept my offer after I’ve sent more than hundred offer.

it really does seemed like an average seller will only get 1-2 buyers willing to buy from them after sending more than 100 requests to many other buyers. The one thing I emphasize for my VA gig is I am Chinese and I can do translation for any script they ask me to do. But I don’t get much offers that ask for Chinese VA and even if I do, they won’t really reply me if they like my product or not.

I just hope you get orders real soon.

You could make a new gig that’s straight translation.

yes, now I offer eng to chinese translation in video subtitles.
it is just that i keep getting requests for voice over, and even for languages I am not familiar with, thus not applying for the job. I hope to get requests from ppt making and subtitles soon, especially the offers I can actually cope with.

Thanks for the information

I also get many buyer requests that aren’t quite relevant to me, but also a few who are relevant. Out of the few I see a day, usually one or two only is relevant. Eventually, something will come

@mooninya You can check the little tags bellow each description. Some requests even have the information if they prefer male or female or the accent that they need. I don’t know if you can see the same options as me.

My experience with Fiverr Requests is similar. I only apply for those jobs that fit with my skills and most of the time people don’t even answer or ask a quotation for something completely different from what they were writing at the request. So, honestly I don’t know why that happen.

This happen to me too, and around 80% of the requests are not relevant to my area of expertise.

Buyer request is not available in my account…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::smirk:

@mooninya Oh, I had a look at your GIG and I noticed that the “I will do young adult woman voice in chinese and english” one says at the description “$10 gets you up to 500 words” but you had set your price to $5 for that amount of words.

hi, thanks for your reminder, I had modified my info

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sweetie, it’s here

@filomena_silva finally someone who can relate to my troubles.
I mostly got requests on languages such as ‘German’, ‘French’ and even ‘Arabic’ when I don’t even familiar with any of these.
Some even requests accents like ‘Australian’ or ‘British’ and that’s why I am getting myself familiar with these accents by podcasts, YouTube videos, TV programs, etc.
I just hope to see requests for Chinese language soon, whether it is in Simplified or Traditional forms.
I just don’t know how Fiverr will response to this if I email them about it.

I found the buyer request options but empty. No buyer request. What should I do?

There doesn’t come new requests every day. Also sometimes you need more gigs to see them. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see them until I had two gigs.

Same with me. I have no idea if there exist any filter regarding our tags or skills because I also see requests for arabic languages. Maybe there is no filter at all. Well, who knows? :woman_shrugging: