Buyer Requests - if fullfilled is there a notice?


It would be great, once a buyer settles for a seller in his Buyer Request, if the request would be somehow checked in order to notify the other sellers not to send their offers anymore.

I assume this is not the case, since I go back some time and still can post some offers. I might be wrong, so I was wondering if this is the case or not?

Thanks for your time.


There’s no notice if the buyer has chosen the seller, no.

Keep in mind that the buyer might be looking for more than one seller, and that the chosen seller might turn out to be the wrong choice.


Well I would think only when the gig had been started would it automatically/manually be ticked as no longer available to post offers to.

If the seller would not be the right choice after the gig had started, the buyer would simply post his offer once more.

Regarding more than one seller, once the sellers would be found, the buyer would then tick the gig as taken manually.

It would be so much more easier for us sellers.


This goes back to what I had written regarding knowing how many offers to send, since one would know which ones are taken and no longer available.

Who knows, maybe most buyers choose a seller 4 minutes after they post the offer (provided sufficient offers had been posted) and do not wait for more offers to show up from which to choose?

Again that would put so many things in perspective.