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Buyer requests is full of spam

Though I’m not a constant user of the “buyers requests”, but lately my orders have gotten slower, and I decided to go into buyers requests, but my goodness, it’s full with spam and “bring me the moon for 5 bucks, I know someone did it in the past, so should you”.
As a translator and writer, I have to turn half the requests down simply because people want to translate novels for 5 bucks and are heavily angry if they get turned down, while the buyers requests section is impossible to get through, as there’s so much spam to dig through.

Can we somehow suggest to the CS to add a “report spam” button?
Some initiatives? Petitions?

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A “report spam” button would be magnific there.

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Should we initiate a petition or something? :smiley:

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That would be great madame. :smiley:


Thanks, this is a real problem.

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