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Buyer requests is not helping me :(

So I have all my 7 gigs up now and as I am a new user I am trying hard to get my first order by promoting my gigs and most importantly visiting buyer requests everyday. The problem is that there are many requests on the section (50+) but almost all of them are related to just one of my gig. I still can’t send them an offer because even though they are related to my gig for translation, they are not what I can do. So almost all of the requests I see are not helping me. If someone can check my gigs and tell why I don’t see requests for my other gigs, I will be grateful. Still waiting for first order…
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Are all of your gigs on the same category?
I’m guessing you’ll see more buyer requests if you create gigs on different category and keywords.

Buyer requests is an aid, it’s not the solution, most orders don’t come from that. Fiverr is more a search website than a bid website.

Your gig titles, descriptions, SEO tags, images, prices, are far more important. Some sellers even advertise their gigs on Facebook, literally pay money for ads, I don’t because advertising is a gamble, always, and I don’t like losing money.

Some gig categories have too much competition, translation is one of them. It’s hard to stand out in that category.

Others find success by finding a niche, so instead of writing articles, they write articles about Bitcoin.


I think the are all of different categories.

I can’t advertise too because I am not allowed to use money. I am still trying my best and thanks for suggestons anyway!

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This thread may have some ideas for you.

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