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Buyer Requests = Issues



Today I was successful in being promoted to Level One Seller Status.

I checked my buyer requests and noticed i have 1,900+ requests!

Most of them are OLD and irrelevant with 50+ offers…

How can i delete old / irrelevant buyer requests ?
I do not want to delete one-by-one as its repetitive and would take DAYS!


Buyer Requests are not something you can delete. They will be there forever if the requests are made my buyers in your selling niche.
But the buyer request will update on a daily basis and you can send your offers on those requests. There is no specific time on when the buyer request section will update.


Congratulations! That’s awesome. :slight_smile:

I think the only way of doing this is by deleting them one by one. I don’t think there is a way of deleting them en-masse. I knowww… :crying_cat_face: It can take “days” to declutter your BR section (if that’s what you wanna do), but, oh well. :man_shrugging:

@iamsachmusic If you go to your “active” buyer requests and hover your mouse pointer over one of these BRs, you can see that each of them have a “Remove Request” option.


Clicking on this option will remove that particular BR from view. It will delete that particular BR from your list of active buyer requests. I think this is what the OP wanted to do. :smile:


I do not know what that means… Is that an English slang or professional English?


1900? :open_mouth: I check occasionally and almost always have 0!


It is a professional song from the album “For Real” by Little Milton. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Wanna” would be considered slang. “If that’s what you want to do” is still casual but proper.


wordpress_whiz is from the US (at least, that’s what his/her profile says). So, I am pretty sure @wordpress_whiz was just kidding :wink:


You’re smart…You caught the joke…


“wanna” is certainly not professional English in any sense.

People who use “wanna” and “gonna” instead of “want to” and “going to” will find that other people do not take them seriously. Quite right, too, in my opinion. It is the language of the school playground, not the workplace. It surprises me how so many people fall into these bad habits. Usually it is people whose first language is not English, but native English speakers should set a good example as well.

There’s nothing that screams “IDIOT” quite like someone who says “wanna”. It’s like dealing with a screaming child. I’ve had people on Fiverr who were bidding on a gig I had wanted and one Seller used “wanna” and so that was him cut out of the running completely!


You are right, it not proper english at all…Its not professional too…Thank you very much for your expert explanation…


one by one Remove This is Very It’s a boring Work :neutral_face:


When I do not check Buyer Requests for a week or so and then I check them. Boom! :bomb: There are about 400 there for me to delete. I remove them with a computer on my lap. If I keep the cursor in the same place all I have to do is click on it and then wait a sec (yes, that is slang) and click again. Usually, I do not have to even look at the screen.

So, it is no longer proper to use slang on the Forum? :thinking:

I knew curse words were banned, but slang? :zipper_mouth_face:

It is a good thing this is not our workplace then, but the Forum where we come to “let our hair down” so to speak.

So non-native speakers do not want to learn English slang? :thinking:

I can tell you that @hanshuber16 is not an “IDIOT.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@gordgoodfellow I entirely agree with what you’ve said. It is imperative for Fiverr users to be extremely professional in Fiverr’s formal setting as it makes for a more conducive and professional environment to conduct business. To be honest, I would never work with someone who uses words such as gonna and wanna on Fiverr.

However, I believe the forum offers a more informal/semi-formal setting, and I believe such words are more or less acceptable on the forum. @wordpress_whiz


Slang words should be banned…I do not take people who use slang words seriously…Especially sellers who use slang words whenever they send me any message on fiverr before I purchase from them…It shows how unprofessional they are


But we here on the Fiverr Forum are not speaking to anyone in the sense of the buyer-seller relationship. :thinking:


On Fiverr (the freelancing website)? Probably.

On the forum? I don’t think so. :slight_smile:


I wanna take my proud place among the IDIOTS. Of course, I’m also a published author and a career writer and I make good money writing, so I guess being an IDIOT isn’t so bad. I don’t use slang like “wanna” when I correspond with new clients, but I have used slang in non-fiction books since some documents are best done in a conversational/casual tone. Hanshuber is a better proofreader than I am, so I feel like I’m in good company. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna say that slang words are hereby declared horrid on the forum. They are not banned, just horrid. I don’t take people who say “wanna” seriously either!! Thank you for the suggestion. :beers:


I never use “wanna” myself. Furthermore, I would never use it while conversing with a client. In fact when proofreading blog posts and the like I edit the words “wanna,” “gonna,” and the like out of the text.

For now, I wanna leave this conversation behind so I am gonna go back to filling my work papers.


I speak proper English…I do not find slang words professional at all…If you are attaching a cover letter to your resume online when applying for a corporate job, would you use slang words in your cover letter?