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Buyer requests issues


Buyer requests are not according to my gigs. What should i do? I already changed gigs tags. Can anyone know this issue?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Check your gigs categories and skills that you have added on your profile . And share your gigs more and more…
As my knowledge buyer request appears according to the gigs categories and skills …


i already checked dude :frowning:


Please don’t duplicate topics, it’s against forum rules. You already asked this question before and you got your answers.


if i had same issue again and again then what should i do?
From last queries, i did not get any result


You should contact CS … We all are seller and some buyer here …


:+1: thanks. Hope they will resolve my problem


I am facing same problem. What can i do now??


Hey dear, buyer requests is not related with tags. Buyer requests is display according to your gig subcategory , Please set your gig category and subcategory according to your skills.