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Buyer requests kidding me


Hello, why buyer requests disappear when I close this section on website or phone? And no longer appear on this day…I’m just reading a few or one request of 8-10 and then close this section to do other things, but in one second requests disappear if I open it again. It’s so strange.


When a buyer request receives a certain amount of offers it disappears, and in logo design category buyer requests tend to receive a lot of offers pretty quick.


Yes, It would be normal if they did not disappear all (8-10 requests) in one second just when you close the tab, change device or lost connection. I had such situation that I was 3 requests, then I changed PC to mobile and it replaced by 8 others, which dissapear, when I looked at 2 or 3 requests and lost internet connection in subway. And all this for 10 minutes.


There are probably thousands of people checking the buyer request at any given point in time. And as soon as a buyer request comes into view, it only takes 10 offers from other sellers of your level (out of the thousands who are watching) for the buyer request to disappear from your view. And this might happen pretty quickly! Might only take a few seconds, in some cases.


Incredible! thx for information


You should respond fastly to the Buyer requests, When it gets upto 25 requests, it automatically disappear.


how i get big buyer requests any tips