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Buyer Requests - LOW Budgets


Seems like most of the Buyer Requests posted on Fiverr consist of buyers who want work done at a ridiculous low price for the amount of work required. I have found that most of the requests are not worth responding to if one is a highly skilled pro. Wonder if Fiverr could create a category of Buyer Requests that are comprised of buyers who have higher budgets and only want highly skilled professional sellers to send offers. In addition, I feel there should be a requirement that Buyers have to fill out a form which include specific questions and requires details when requesting work in each type of category so sellers can provide quotes properly. There is very little information on many of the Buyers Requests. I think this would greatly benefit both the buyer and seller. Has that been suggested by anyone?


Thanks for the post, this is exactly why I came to the forum today! I’m regularly looking through the buyer requests and I seem not to send any offers lately. Firstly, as you wrote, the most of the buyers offer ridiculously low prices ($5 for a 1000-word translation for example) and secondly, most of them specify nothing in the request (“need a translation from English to German” - they don’t say what kind of text, how many words, the deadline or anything that would help me define my offer).

Any chance that Fiverr can do something about this? I understand that buyer requests are being reviewed before they get posted for others to see. How about not allowing incomplete requests to go online? I also think it would be a great idea to somehow be able to filter the extremely-low-budget offers.


That’s another good point…the buyers don’t even specify the parameters of the work they need. They just throw out a low figure and expect people to bid on a very evasive project. That should be fixed. It’s a waste of time for everyone.


That’s probably true, but, consider the buyer requests as an invitation to treat.

If you can get a buyer to respond to your offer, you can have a meaningful discussion where you get to discover their needs. Then, you can quote right.

I got a job of $700 from Buyer requests - yet the buyer had put $30


You can bid at any price, don’t be intimidated by low budgets, instead look for jobs that are right for you. Also, higher budgets don’t equal skilled professionals. There are skilled professionals working for $5 to $10, some people need more reviews, or simply enjoy working. It’s just like shopping for shoes, $500 shoes aren’t necessarily better than $20 or $50 shoes. In fact, sometimes things are priced higher to create the illusion of exclusivity, the idea that you’re buying something other people can’t afford.


Yeah, sound good i think :thinking:


I know! You can barely ever find any above $5!


Yes, though the issue with that is that you can’t respond to invite them to contact you but have to send an offer at the same time. Which in theory, they could accept even if you expressly tell them it’s just a “dummy offer” to be able to invite them to talk to you about their request.
Sensible buyers will contact you then, but others might just accept the offer, then force much more work on you than you’d even be able to do and for much less money you’d ask for, and then your only choice is to cancel the order, which again drops your rating …

To round this off, we can’t even set an expiry date to custom offers sent to BRs, unlike to “normal” custom offers.

I’d definitely look at and bid more often on BRs if I could send an “invite to contact me” instead an actual offer (in the cases where the BR is vague, be it intentional or nor), or if at least there were expiry dates for offers.


I see buyer request as a market place where many of the buyers does not know exactly what they want or how much it will cost them to get their project done. It part of the sellers to be able to get them engage in meaningful discussion about their project and be able to proffer solution and reach an agreed quotes. Agreed most buyers are a pain in the ass and want to have premium services deliver at a ridiculous cheap price. That is life…


As a buyer of anything anywhere, whether it’s the local supermarket for a tin of soup or anything else, yes, I like to get a bargain if I can. Not sure that makes me a ‘pain in the *ss’ - just a savvy shopper perhaps?

When you go shopping do you look to overpay for items so you’re not seen as being a ‘cheapskate’?

Buyers need to have realistic expectations, but calling them names for looking for a bargain (or value for money) seems a bit unfair.


Agreed with you and my apologies for calling names…It not about been rational here, I have had a scenario before when a buyer order my gigs and expected me to deliver the project of $500 for $50 and I decided to cancel the order but he insisted I do it. he reported me to CS and my account got restricted for that. I explained to the CS with screenshot of our conversation, nothing positive was done…


I don’t go into the store, pick up a can of soup with a clearly defined price of $1.50 and ask them to ring it up at just 5 cents. If there’s bargaining happening, it’s probably pleading to them to let me use my extra coupons.

I encourage Fiverr users to bargain, under the conditions that they’re polite and reasonable. It’s not acceptable to expect everything for $5, and sometimes you just need to go with the price you get.


A buyer once confessed to me: “I marked $5 as a budget because I didn’t know how much to put”. It was, therefore, up to me to make a fair offer.

As with buyer’s requests, set a price and explain what they get for their money.