Buyer Requests? More like Spammer Request


Don’t you just love it when you wake up on a beautiful sunshine – drink your cup of happiness, and assume to check if there are citizens who require the help of a true hero such as yourself? Well, don’t bother. BECAUSE THIS HAPPEENS. :point_down:… Pls halp. :sob: triggered


omg lol! :smile_cat:


Du, Ich bin für Sie da!

Top German translator right there! :joy:


What a worldly person to speak so many languages. The only problem is that their English is horrible - well, at least the written version. :broken_heart:

I wouldn’t hire them, even if I could see the BR.


Tell me about it! :fearful: You know what angers me the most? Those “tips” for “success” on Fiverr, that mention the “buyer” requests section as one of the methods. Jesus, not only do these brats write with improper grammar, but they also spam! :sweat_drops:


I liked this:

“do you need a perfect translation from English to corean?”


Just for the sake of it, I feel like writing this kind “sir” – I beg your pardon, would it be possible to place an order for a translation from corean to Korean?


I just learned something today:
As a proper noun corean is the korean language. Nevertheless the grammar is terrible in his writing.

I recently got a similar spammer who kept begging me for work in spite of me telling him no. He didn’t say what kind of work but if I ever need to hire a persistent beggar he’s the one.


Please do not hesitate to share that experience with us in the future, brave soul. I can already see you making headlines – “My greatest mistake on Fiverr”.


Begging is probably an accepted form of work in some locations.


Exactly Same stupid spams on all the buyer request in every field. A large amount of sellers are protesting for this and i don’t know why Fiverr is not considering this matter.


Just reply back with:

You’ll don’t even English, Bro?"


More like “Do you even English, bro?” :joy:

A rising issue which needs to be addressed ASAP. I had some thoughts crossing my mind on toughening the means such individuals can and will be able to post such requests in the future. Perhaps, implement some sort of daily limit, phone verification, or even introduce a separate landing page fo the potential buyer or seller requests. We’ll see what happens.


Just when we were talking about spammers… Oh, the irony.


I just made a post of spamming in the BR section, different user ID but the same request over and over.


It seems like somebody has discovered the Rosetta stone.


I noticed this trend today there were several accounts with the same requests there was one particular one with something about traffic for enviroment which made no sense to me anyway and there were over 20 of such repeated requests…too bad.


They could have discovered the age of Google Translate, but I might be wrong…

I guess that person really cares about the environment, eh? :joy:


wooow… It is very annoying: D


Well, sometimes you can translate from English to the language, you speak for life, good even if you’re English speaking not good.