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Buyer Requests - Mostly Foreign Language?

There used to be several Buyer Requests for Female English VO projects each day/week. All of a sudden, in the past few weeks most every Buyer Request is requiring a foreign language, some sort of impersonation or is something to do with erotica. And they leave them up there for DAYS!

If you are an American English-female seeking experience through Buyer Requests, it is mostly crickets!

Are there some sort of Fiverr settings that got out of whack and I need to adjust?


I occasionally notice trends like this too. Unfortunately, I’m unaware of any recent changes or any settings/filters that may exclude buyer requests I’m not qualified for. I usually just hit “remove request” and move on, but I understand that really doesn’t solve the problem.

I’ve noticed more requests for content writing in languages other than English. I think that Fiverr did some marketing in countries where English isn’t the first language, and new buyers joined.

I’ve noticed a rise in translation requests. Nothing wrong with that though. I just feel the need to start learning a second language now. :joy:

It’s not only at the english market. That is happening for other languages, as well. In my case, I see a lot of requests for translations too (which I also do) and voice over projects with a very tiny budget. I’m also receiving requests from people of very specific countries that I never received before, again, with a very tiny budget.