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Buyer requests no sale to get rid of it?

Hello, I’m sending buyer requests every day but I’m not getting any replay. Let’s learn how to solve it. And in what way, if you send the request, the buyer will replay. I have sent 400+ days, but I have not sold any. I am very lazy, please prevent me from making any such rules or procedures free from this problem. Thank you. (Tisa Khan)

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Check this out: for helpful information.


This is a big problem. On top of this your English is quite broken. Keep in mind that here there are no mentors or trainers.

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Your gig must be relevant to the request. Suppose If He/She Wants minimalist/flat logo then you need to send buyer request by choosing your minimalist/flat logo gig.

You need to be evaluating what works and what doesn’t and adjusting your technique accordingly. Being “lazy” won’t help.

I think you need to educate yourself on sales and improve your English.

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