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Buyer requests not showing even after creating my gig?


Hello Everyone,
My buy request section is empty, even though I created my first Gig about a month ago? I also tried changing my gig category to “other” but it did not work?
Can someone please help? I attached a snapshot of my buyer request section.

I appreciate the help!


This is an ongoing issue for new sellers. You will find an answer here.


Hey Vickiespencer, thanks for the post, it was really helpful. It seems in my case I am not seeing requests because I am a new seller.



The Algorithm for it is weird, sometimes I get many Buyers Request and other times there is nothing for days. Im a new Seller also.


I guess its been setup such that sellers do not depend on Buyer Requests only? I am looking at promoting outside Fiverr to try pick up my seller level :slight_smile:


Keep at it, you’ll get sales. Just market your services everywhere and do a good job and the sales will pick up. :slight_smile: